WEDDING: Seth and Clara

Suttons Bay, Michigan

Rain was in the forecast for Seth and Clara’s outdoor vineyard wedding. It’s not what anyone had hoped for and we all were scrambling for backup options. Our flurry of emails back and forth was all for naught; we had the perfect, ideal September day that Northern Michigan typically offers. And, as I knew it would be, all the hard work of  planning was flawless. The local honey for guest favors, the display of Clara’s grandmother’s satin wedding gown, the old family wedding photographs, the wooden hand-painted box Clara found at a yard sale, the vintage cake topper, sorority sisters cheers and Viking hats — it all had an absolute unique Clara-and-Seth-one-of-a-kind celebration that I’m still pinching myself that I got to be a part of it all.

Ceremony and reception: Ciccone Vineyard and Winery
Invitations: Ashley Meyers
Florist: Field of Flowers Farm
Caterer: Uptown Catering
Baker: Baked by Josephine
Hair and makeup: Hanna Wagner Designs
Bridesmaids gowns: Jenny Yoo
Wedding shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bridal gown: Watters
Furniture Rental: Fancy Fray
Tent and farm table rentals: Monstrey-McDonald
DJ: Bee Entertainment
Videographer: Traverse City Video

claraseth-01 claraseth-02 claraseth-03 claraseth-04 claraseth-05 claraseth-06 claraseth-07 claraseth-08 claraseth-09 claraseth-10 claraseth-11 claraseth-12 claraseth-13 claraseth-14 claraseth-15 claraseth-16 claraseth-17 claraseth-18 claraseth-19 claraseth-20 claraseth-21 claraseth-22 claraseth-23 claraseth-24 claraseth-25 claraseth-26 claraseth-27 claraseth-28 claraseth-29 claraseth-30 claraseth-31 claraseth-32 claraseth-33 claraseth-34 claraseth-35 claraseth-36 claraseth-37 claraseth-38 claraseth-39 claraseth-40 claraseth-41 claraseth-42 claraseth-43 claraseth-44 claraseth-45 claraseth-46 claraseth-47 claraseth-48 claraseth-49 claraseth-50 claraseth-51 claraseth-52 claraseth-53 claraseth-54 claraseth-55 claraseth-56 claraseth-57 claraseth-58 claraseth-59 claraseth-60 claraseth-61 claraseth-62 claraseth-63 claraseth-64 claraseth-65 claraseth-66 claraseth-67 claraseth-68 claraseth-69 claraseth-70 claraseth-71 claraseth-72 claraseth-73 claraseth-74 claraseth-75 claraseth-77 claraseth-78 claraseth-79 claraseth-80 claraseth-81 claraseth-82 claraseth-83 claraseth-84 claraseth-85 claraseth-86 claraseth-87 claraseth-88 claraseth-89 claraseth-90 claraseth-91 claraseth-92 claraseth-93 claraseth-94

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