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ENGAGEMENT: Lee and Lisa

Muskegon, Michigan

Engagement sessions are wonderful. It’s a celebration of  love documented with a hint of anticipation for what’s to come. Oh, but Lee and Lisa upped the ante. They came straight from the doctor’s office with news that they were having a baby boy. Yep. I got to photograph that…a pure joy, excitement and overwhelming love for what’s to come. Congratulations, Lee and Lisa, and may you always savor the feeling you had on this day.














Hanrahan Family

They flew or drove from Illinois, Virginia, South Carolina, New York and Atlanta to one central location:  Michigan.  The Hanrahan family came for one BIG reason: a baby.  Thank you for allowing me to document this special gathering.  May Michigan become your second home in the years to come.


It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I babysat Jeff.  He might have been 3 years old or 4 at the most.  I remember watching him play baseball with his family then, too. A miniature baseball gripped in his three-year-old little hand.  And now, I photographed him as a senior.  A small boy now turned into a gentleman, one who offered to carry my camera bag and used polite manners with every sentence, and one who still loves the Great American Pastime.  Best of luck, Jeff, in all your future endeavors.  It’s been fun watching you grow up.

These next two images are by Matt Gade who graciously agreed to help me with his lighting skills.  Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  (Oh, and he’s not a bad pyrotechnician either!)


I don’t know why, but Alyse was nervous to be photographed.  She’s gorgeous AND photogenic but she brought along her mother and older sister, Emory (oops, I mean, Marie), to help her feel comfortable.  Her mom carried my heavy camera bag the whole time and Marie held my reflector (if you two ever need a job…) Anyway, Alyse, you made my day.  You shared your fun family with me, battled a few bumblebees and braved cold Lake Michigan waters.  You have my best wishes for a happy and beautiful future because you are a happy and beautiful person.

ENGAGEMENT: Jeff and Lis

We kind of piggybacked a mini engagement shoot of Jeff and Lis before a family photo session with Lis’s family near Lake Michigan.  Sometimes it takes a couple a little time to warm up to having cuddly photos taken.  I’m not sure if the scorching heat that day made them naturals or if it was just the fact they are crazy in love…maybe a bit of both!  One more thing, I think Lis has one of the BEST smiles I’ve ever seen.  Jeff and Lis, I can’t wait for October 6th!  Until then, keep cuddling…you’re good at it.

GLANCE: Lee and Ali wedding

Here’s one of my favorite images from Lee and Ali’s Chicago wedding.  I was fortunate enough to second shoot alongside the talented Craig Watson.  Thanks for the opportunity, Craig, and I hope there are more chances to work together.  Lee and Ali, I wish you years of happiness. More photos to come when I catch up!

WEDDING: Scott and Becky

Even though I have my camera stuck to my nose, I can’t help but be drawn into the sweet, sacred moments that I witness during weddings.  Scott and Becky’s wedding was held on the centennial farm where Becky grew up.  She got ready for the big day in her parent’s old farmhouse among her niece and nephews who napped in nearby bedrooms.  Family and friends hustled around making the last minute preparations.  Then, Scott and Becky met privately in the barn before the ceremony started. My favorite moment of the day was when Becky pulled Scott’s hand to her heart and asked, “Can you feel how hard my heart is beating?”  When the guests witness such love, they somehow get a little sappy themselves.  A cool plane flew over the barn and the cows grazed a little closer as if guests themselves.  To end the night, Scott and and brown-eyed Becky danced to “Brown Eyed Girl.” A perfect ceremony.  A perfect setting.  A perfect couple.  Congratulations on your wedding and your new home, Becky and Scott!

GLANCE: Scott and Becky’s wedding

Okay, so I’m a farm girl.  I was raised on a 90-acre horse farm in Edmonson County, Kentucky so when I’m around barns, old farmhouses, rolling fields…you get the point… I’m in heaven.  What’s even better is to be photographing a wedding in that setting!  Scott and Becky are high school sweethearts and they got married in the same barn where Becky had her graduation open house.  This centennial farm in Nunica, Michigan was amazing but not as amazing as this couple.  I wish you many more years of happiness!

GLANCE: Gretchen and Mo wedding

Gretchen and Mo drove from Louisville, Ky. to get married in Grand Haven, Mich. on the shores of Lake Michigan where he proposed on one of their vacations. The weather was beautiful (but hot!) so we found some lovely shade. Can’t wait to show more of this quaint and special wedding!

Happy Easter

Yuri Michael and Harper May enjoyed coloring eggs and finding them in our woods.  Thanks to Aunt Leni and Uncle Donny’s chickens for the tasty eggs!  We’re thankful for time with family and the simple pleasures of life.


The Great Event

Nothing makes your day like photographing a bunch of couples in love!  The Great Event was held at the Fricano Event Center on March 24.  Congratulations to all the engaged couples, oh, and happy wedding planning.