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ENGAGEMENT: Erik and Molly

Nunica, Michigan

I’ve known about Molly and Erik before I ever met them. It’s strange how the loss of a dear friend has brought into my life this cherished and wonderful couple — a couple that I had the privilege of capturing their love as we traipsed around the Nunica farm where Erik grew up with their somewhat famous dog, Wesley, in tow. (No, really, he’s the braces-wearing dog whose photo went viral.) I’m grateful this profession lets me roam on farms, mingle with pets, climb trees and be reminded of the power of love.

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WEDDING: Jeff and Amanda

Jeff and Amanda’s friends set them up on a blind date.  They thought that Jeff and Amanda would be perfect for each other.  I only met Jeff and Amanda a few months before their wedding but by the end of the reception, I felt like we left as friends.  They are sweet, kind and genuine.  And after spending the day with them, I know their friends were right…they ARE meant for each other.  Happiness always, Amanda and Jeff!