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FlorJancic Family

Muskegon, Michigan

“We want you to do what you do best.” Those were my instructions as I photographed this Chicago-area family that came to Muskegon for vacation late this summer. (I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have someone trust your creativity with such conviction.) And, because of that, I photographed one of my favorite family images this year. Can you guess which one?

florjancicfam-01 florjancicfam-02 florjancicfam-03 florjancicfam-04 florjancicfam-05 florjancicfam-06 florjancicfam-07 florjancicfam-08 florjancicfam-09 florjancicfam-10 florjancicfam-11 florjancicfam-12 florjancicfam-13 florjancicfam-14 florjancicfam-15 florjancicfam-16 florjancicfam-17 florjancicfam-18 florjancicfam-19


Montague, Michigan

Laura is a senior at Pittsford High School but she spends her summers in Montague. Her mother told me that she’s a tough basketball player on the court but loves to be girlie, too. She also is fearless, climbing really high so I could photograph her in the family’s favorite tree. Laura was crowned homecoming queen at the beginning of her senior year and her team finished off an undefeated season to win the Class D state championship. With adventure, kindness, elegance and teamwork all in her favor, I have no doubt Laura will do great things.

laura 01 laura 02 laura 03 laura 04 laura 05 laura 06 laura 07 laura 08 laura 09 laura 10 laura 11 laura 12 laura 13 laura 14 laura 15 laura 16 laura 17 laura 18 laura 19 laura 20 laura 21 laura 22

Baby B.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Only days old, I was asked to document some of this sweet baby girl’s first moments at home.  I always feel especially privileged to be a part of something so precious and new.

The jewel of the sky is the sun, the jewel of the house is the child.” – Chinese Proverb

baby 01 baby 02 baby 03 baby 04 baby 05 baby 06 baby 07 baby 08 baby 09 baby 10 baby 11 baby 12 baby 13 baby 14 baby 15

FAMILY: Sayles and Rogers

In the summer of 2014, this beautiful family hired me to join them for a day in Glen Arbor for their summer vacation. In 2015, they asked me back but this time in New Buffalo. The beach was different and the children had grown but so much stayed the same. The kids still played in the water until it was bedtime and they all loved one another like the year before. My fingers are crossed that I can come along on the Sayles/Rogers family vacation again.
rogers 01 rogers 03 rogers 02rogers  04 rogers 05 rogers 06 rogers 07 rogers 08 rogers 09 rogers 10 rogers 11 rogers 12 rogers 13 rogers 14 rogers 15 rogers 16 rogers 17 rogers 18 rogers 19