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When I chatted with Emily about her upcoming wedding, she really wanted the day to be about the gathering of friends and family that would come to celebrate with her and Jordan.  She didn’t have an extensive list of photos she wanted, Emily just kept saying it was about the guests.  No getting ready photos, no dollar dance or cake-cutting pictures. And for me, that was just fine.  It was fine because the stress of missing a crucial wedding component for a photographer can add a few gray hairs, but on a more serious note, it allowed me to focus on the REAL meaning of a wedding in the first place…LOVE.  Thank you, Emily and Jordan, for three beautiful days of celebration – – the rehearsal, wedding and Sunday brunch.  (oh, and I think I gained weight just by editing these photos…the food was AMAZING!)

GLANCE: Jon and Becky wedding

Typically, I get to meet wedding clients prior to their ceremony but I didn’t get that opportunity with Jon and Becky.  So, I asked them to email me a little about themselves and about the wedding. They wrote, “We are both science people. We both like being outside and little details in nature.”  The wedding would be held at Becky’s parents’ home on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan in Manistee.  With every wedding I photograph, I feel it’s my duty to learn as much as I can about the couple so I can capture what is important and cherished in their eyes.  I leave wondering if I’ll ever see those “science people” again but thanking them for allowing me to tell their story.  Thank you, Jon and Becky, you are wonderful!


ENGAGEMENT: Jeff and Lis

We kind of piggybacked a mini engagement shoot of Jeff and Lis before a family photo session with Lis’s family near Lake Michigan.  Sometimes it takes a couple a little time to warm up to having cuddly photos taken.  I’m not sure if the scorching heat that day made them naturals or if it was just the fact they are crazy in love…maybe a bit of both!  One more thing, I think Lis has one of the BEST smiles I’ve ever seen.  Jeff and Lis, I can’t wait for October 6th!  Until then, keep cuddling…you’re good at it.

GLANCE: Lee and Ali wedding

Here’s one of my favorite images from Lee and Ali’s Chicago wedding.  I was fortunate enough to second shoot alongside the talented Craig Watson.  Thanks for the opportunity, Craig, and I hope there are more chances to work together.  Lee and Ali, I wish you years of happiness. More photos to come when I catch up!

Wedding Eve: Emily and Jordan

Tomorrow is the big day for Emily and Jordan and I am so excited to document their wedding, reception and Sunday brunch. During their rehearsal at First Presbyterian Church, the two shared a moment at the altar.  So sweet!  Can’t wait for tomorrow and, please, let it cool off just a little…

WEDDING: Gretchen and Mo

Gretchen and Mo said they wanted a small wedding but with a whole lot of love.  It was perfect!  The Louisville, Ky. couple was married at Rosy Mound Natural Area where they got engaged.  Eighteen guests. A super funky home they rented in the dunes.  Cupcakes from Holland Cakery. Coffee from the Coffee Grounds.  Dinner at The Grand. Small. Elegant. Beautiful. Gretchen has the most beautiful eyes and Mo looks at Gretchen with so much love…with that combo, my job was pretty easy.  Did I mention that they were tons of fun, too?  That funky house I mentioned had a rooftop deck (which they agreed to climb up to) and a trampoline (which they agreed to jump on).  Gretchen and Mo, I wish you years of happiness.  May your feet never touch the ground!

GLANCE: Scott and Becky’s wedding

Okay, so I’m a farm girl.  I was raised on a 90-acre horse farm in Edmonson County, Kentucky so when I’m around barns, old farmhouses, rolling fields…you get the point… I’m in heaven.  What’s even better is to be photographing a wedding in that setting!  Scott and Becky are high school sweethearts and they got married in the same barn where Becky had her graduation open house.  This centennial farm in Nunica, Michigan was amazing but not as amazing as this couple.  I wish you many more years of happiness!

GLANCE: Geoff and Karen’s wedding

I loved being a second shooter at Geoff and Karen’s wedding in Asheville, North Carolina for two reasons.  First, Geoff and Karen were adorable together (I love the black and white image when Karen’s eyes met Geoff’s for the first time! So sweet!) and the fact that their wedding granted me the opportunity to work with one of my very best friends, Carrie Turner.  Many more images to come…and hopefully many more opportunities to shoot with Carrie.  Congratulations Karen and Geoff!


GLANCE: Gretchen and Mo wedding

Gretchen and Mo drove from Louisville, Ky. to get married in Grand Haven, Mich. on the shores of Lake Michigan where he proposed on one of their vacations. The weather was beautiful (but hot!) so we found some lovely shade. Can’t wait to show more of this quaint and special wedding!