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Schalk Family

Twin Lake, Michigan

My grandfather used to give me “spinners” or flips in the air when I was a little girl. I owned a popcorn business when I was 13 years old. I used to ride our family milk cow, Blue Bell, like she was a horse. My sister gave me a huge shiner when I was a sophomore. And guess what? I don’t have any photos of those memories. Not a one. Not even a snapshot.

Here’s my point, this is the third year the Schalks have invited me to photograph their family, mostly with a focus on their three adorable daughters. I can’t help but to think what a true treasure that they’re giving their girls. Whether or not I’m the photographer taking the photos, it’s just a reminder that life happens so quickly. So get out your cameras, folks, and take some pictures!

Oh, and if you love the clothes that the girls are wearing, Kate makes them. She’s incredibly talented so check it out here.

Year one:

Year two:

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