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GLANCE: Jennifer and Isaac

North Muskegon, Michigan

“Life provides the wind, you control the direction of its sail.”

Isaac took Jennifer for a sail aboard “Wind Tune” on their second date. It worked.

Enjoy this sneak peek and I’ll post more soon. Thanks for the adventure, you two!

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North Muskegon, Michigan

The day I photographed Brynnley, her parents said she wasn’t quite herself. She was sleepy and a little fussy. And you know what?  That was quite alright with me. I’ll tell you why. Parenthood and being a baby – – especially a preemie like Brynnley – – isn’t always easy or “perfect.” There are good days and really bad ones.  To me, what IS perfect is how a mother and father can love a child so much. They know the right songs to sing, the way she likes to be held, the things that make her feel safe and secure.  So that’s what I got to photograph that day, tears included, but that’s life and what a beautiful one it is.


WEDDING: Charlie and Yau

Muskegon, Michigan

Yau grew up in Seattle and Charlie grew up in Muskegon. The two met during orientation week at Northwestern and dated throughout college. Now both lawyers in Chicago, with a shared love of travel, their two families gathered at the Muskegon Country Club overlooking Muskegon Lake to celebrate their marriage. When I met Yau and Charlie they told me they wanted their wedding celebration to be “formal with a fun, cut-loose feel” and that’s exactly the way it was. Charlie and Yau were having so much fun talking and mingling with their friends and family that sometimes I couldn’t find the two in the same room!

Charlie and Yau, may your marriage be full of love and many travels.

Ceremony and reception: Muskegon Country Club
Florist: Wasserman’s
Cake: Ryke’s
Hair and makeup: The Creative Edge
Shoes: Glint
Photo Booth: Mi Photo Booth
Band: Groove Solution

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GLANCE: Nate and Andrea

Muskegon, Michigan

So, I think this may be the most amazing dress I have ever photographed.  And, I must have prayed so hard for nice weather that the Rain Gods actually listened this time. Congratulations, Andrea and Nate.  Your wedding was gorgeous — just like the dress, the weather and YOU.  Happiness always.





GLANCE: Nick and Michelle

Grand Haven, Michigan

Nick and Michelle, two very talented photographers, asked me to shoot their maternity session.  It’s always an honor to have another photographer hire you but it’s a wee bit stressful, too.  You worry that you won’t do things quite right. I suppose creative people probably always obsess that their work isn’t “right.” But, Nick and Michelle are so amazing, so fun, so creative and so happy that I think we all had a wonderful time and the worry quickly vanished. There are oodles more to come but, until then, know that it was an honor documenting this miracle with you.

Pinchtown Grand Opening 57

Pinchtown Grand Opening 58

Pinchtown Grand Opening 59

GLANCE: Chris and Merrill wedding

Grand Rapids, Michigan

I had the great joy of photographing Chris and Merrill’s wedding this Saturday in Grand Rapids.  These two made me cry.  And laugh.  (And, I’ve never seen a bride’s shoes create such a commotion.  Kate Spade does things right.)  So, take a peek and check back in to see the full edit soon.  Congratulations, Chris and Merrill!!!





SENIOR: Alexis

Muskegon, Michigan

Alexis drove from Concord, Michigan to have her senior photos done near the beautiful beaches of Duck Lake State Park.  We found an abandoned dugout in Homer High orange and used downtown Muskegon’s historic buildings as our backdrop.  Most of all, it was fun to see Alexis all grown up.  I’ve known her since she was a young girl and now she has transformed into a fierce softball player with sleepy movie star eyes.  I teased Alexis that she looked like Alice in Wonderland so, Alexis, may your future always be filled with adventures…just like Alice’s.























You could never tell by looking that it was extremely cold when we shot these senior photos of Ginny.  (If you look closely you might see some goosebumps.) Ginny’s awesome parents doled out hand warmers like they were going out of style and kept blankets at the ready.  Being prepared is always a good thing but what I wasn’t prepared for was the most amazing light I think I have ever worked with.  The sky went dark but the sun and clouds worked magic in the sky.  Just ask Ginny if you see her…I was like a kid in a candy store.  It’s obvious Ginny is gorgeous (I don’t think I’ve photographed anyone that has so many different looks!) but she’s also extremely intelligent, athletic and kind.  Ginny, may you always be prepared for what comes your way.





















WEDDING: Jon and Becky

It was their love of botany and a rock collection on Becky’s windowsill that made these two “science people” fall in love.  So, of course, it was fitting that the two graduate students be married overlooking Lake Michigan in Manistee surrounded by the things they love.  “We both have an appreciation for the wonder of nature,” they told me.  And so, with nature as their backdrop and good friends and family at their side, Jon and Becky said, “I do.”  May your life always be filled with wonder.


It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I babysat Jeff.  He might have been 3 years old or 4 at the most.  I remember watching him play baseball with his family then, too. A miniature baseball gripped in his three-year-old little hand.  And now, I photographed him as a senior.  A small boy now turned into a gentleman, one who offered to carry my camera bag and used polite manners with every sentence, and one who still loves the Great American Pastime.  Best of luck, Jeff, in all your future endeavors.  It’s been fun watching you grow up.

These next two images are by Matt Gade who graciously agreed to help me with his lighting skills.  Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  (Oh, and he’s not a bad pyrotechnician either!)