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West Bloomfield, Michigan

It may seem odd that I’m starting this blog telling you that I was greeted by Mitchel’s mother with a bag full of goodies for my two-day stay as I covered Mitchel’s Bar Mitvah celebration. To me, it was significant. Here’s why. As I got to know these fine folks and witnessed their interactions with family and friends who came to celebrate this special time, I realized it was this type of thing that made the two days wonderful. Sure, the food was amazing, the attention to detail, all the special touches, but it comes down to genuine love and appreciation for those in your life. I was a part of something amazing.

A wonderful family. Full of life. Pets. Great food. Friends. Laughter. Celebration. Proud parents. Generations. Tradition. Good music. Games. More laughter. Fun.

It had it all. Oh, AND it had a hilarious hypnotist, a juggling bartender, some amazing violinists and the coolest ice sculpture I’ve ever seen.

Temple: Temple Israel 
Pre-ceremony dinner: Forest Grill
Reception: Franklin Hills Country Club
Food and desserts: Franklin Hills Country Club
Ice sculptures: Michigan Ice
Florist: Gerych’s
Violin trio: Nuclassica
Juggling bartender: Flair
Linens: Affairs to Remember
Event planning: Party Assurance
Hypnotist: JimmyG
Games: Game Crazy and Acme Partyworks

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Rebecca Moll

Muskegon, Michigan

Rebecca is a fitness instructor and trainer who makes really yummy vegan whole food bars and granola, too.  The first time I met Rebecca was the day I took these photos.  She has a positive energy about her with a killer smile and laugh.  Rebecca runs a small local business, like me, and I’m fortunate our paths crossed.  If a healthier you in on your horizon, look up Rebecca.  You’ll be glad you did.










Montague, Michigan

Henry stole my heart. He just got a few new teeth. He just learned to crawl. He makes THE best faces I’ve ever seen a baby make. He’s curious. He’s funny. Best of all, he really loves his mommy and daddy. I want to photograph this kiddo every year.  He’s that cute.

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Mondays with Mom

June 10, 2013

This summer I decided to stay home every Monday with Yuri and Harper.  Oh sure, my editing to do list will inevitably grow to what will seem like an impossibility to accomplish but they will only be 4 and 6 once I figured.  I already feel like they are growing much too fast.  Often I tease them I want to put books on their heads so they will stop growing.  They always giggle.  Not only do I feel guilty being so busy but I’m always photographing everyone else’s magical moments.  But not this summer.  Every Monday, which I’ve decided to call “Mondays with Mom” I will spend the day doing things together and I will photograph it.  It’s more for me – – a way to remember but I hope you’ll enjoy our journey, too.

The first Monday: I made pancakes from scratch in our old cast iron skillet, we had a creativity session with modeling clay and I even threw my Virgo tendencies to the wind and let them mix colors.  They also got to stay in their pajamas until after lunch and I let them pick out their own outfits. (I wasn’t lying when I said I threw my Virgo tendencies to the wind!) We “popped some tags” at Goodwill, did a whole lot of snuggling and reading and went to the park where we played and explored nature.  I even gave Yuri a photography lesson.  The last two images are his.

“Life, love, and laughter – what priceless gifts to give our children.”
Phyllis Dryden










These are Yuri’s images. (Can I brag?  Dang, he’s good!)



WEDDING: Joe and Stephanie

Beulah, Michigan

It rained and it rained and it rained.  And it rained some more.  After visiting every thrift store in the area, we found enough umbrellas to keep the bridal party dry (I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would be up for the challenge!) Oh, and they were…the cold rain didn’t stop Joe and Stephanie from enjoying their fall wedding day to the fullest.  Steph didn’t mind that her hair got a little wet (I attribute that to the fact that she’s a farm girl) and no one minded traipsing though fields of weeds.  I also have to give a HUGE shout out to my talented husband, Jon, who assisted me with this wedding.  He was my second photographer, umbrella holder, equipment carrier and nerve calmer.  Joe and Steph, may you always find laughter during the storm.





















































Equestrians ~ Lauren and Courtney


Is this not the most gorgeous setting?  And are these not the most gorgeous sisters?  Lauren and Courtney, two talented equestrians from Virginia, got up really early and tacked up their horses so we could take advantage of the morning sunrise.  They even agreed to jump into a field of sheep guarded by a mean Great Pyrenees (with permission, of course!)  We had to run and jump over a barbed wire fence after our failed attempt…those dogs mean business!  Thank you for the adventures and for letting me spend the morning at your beautiful horse farm….nothing makes me happier.

GLANCE: Jon and Becky wedding

Typically, I get to meet wedding clients prior to their ceremony but I didn’t get that opportunity with Jon and Becky.  So, I asked them to email me a little about themselves and about the wedding. They wrote, “We are both science people. We both like being outside and little details in nature.”  The wedding would be held at Becky’s parents’ home on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan in Manistee.  With every wedding I photograph, I feel it’s my duty to learn as much as I can about the couple so I can capture what is important and cherished in their eyes.  I leave wondering if I’ll ever see those “science people” again but thanking them for allowing me to tell their story.  Thank you, Jon and Becky, you are wonderful!


ENGAGEMENT: Becky and Scott

Have I gushed over this red barn enough?! Becky grew up on the Nunica farm.  Scott grew up on Lake Michigan (his “happy place” he told me).  I love that these two respected each other enough to shoot in both locations.  Now that’s a marriage that is going to last! These engagement photos got me in the mood to edit their beautiful farm wedding that was just June 23rd.  Thank you for letting me share in your special day.

Spring at Better Choice

Better Choice, the new shop in downtown Muskegon, has some fun spring products.  Just taking these photos made me want to pull out all my summer clothes!