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GLANCE: Drouin Family

Montague, Michigan

I photographed this wonderful family last summer and boy what a difference a year makes! It was hard to keep up with sweet Henry but I loved his curiosity and playfulness. Thanks for having me back again.

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GLANCE: Sass Family

Norton Shores, Michigan

The Sass siblings have awesome personalities that popped out tonight from making great faces to screaming at spiders. I think they’ll sleep well tonight!

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North Muskegon, Michigan

The day I photographed Brynnley, her parents said she wasn’t quite herself. She was sleepy and a little fussy. And you know what?  That was quite alright with me. I’ll tell you why. Parenthood and being a baby – – especially a preemie like Brynnley – – isn’t always easy or “perfect.” There are good days and really bad ones.  To me, what IS perfect is how a mother and father can love a child so much. They know the right songs to sing, the way she likes to be held, the things that make her feel safe and secure.  So that’s what I got to photograph that day, tears included, but that’s life and what a beautiful one it is.


Renbarger Family

Portage, Michigan

I love families that play a little during their photo sessions and play the Renbargers did!  We actually weren’t expecting snow during our session but down it came and the little ones had so much fun catching snowflakes with their tongues. The cold kept our session short but I’m so glad they were up for the outdoor challenge. Here are a few of my favorites!

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” – John Ruskin

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Mott Family

Montague, Michigan

A toddler who is expressive and loves to read (no, REALLY loves to read) + a Boston terrier who is just as expressive and waits for crumbs dropped by the toddler who takes her eating “very seriously” + a really fun (and hip) couple = a really great family photo session.

Thank you, Motts.  You were incredible. Oh, and now that I heard you added another Boston terrier to the mix,  we should do this again sometime!

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Montague, Michigan

Meet Happy Henry.  No, really.  He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met.  (And he just learned a new trick – – crawling!)  Just wanted to share a few photos for now but more to come…