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GLANCE: Eric and Anne proposal

Muskegon, Michigan

I love when people are in love. Even better, I love it when someone trusts me enough to photograph their love – – whether it’s a wedding, their new baby, or their pet.  Love is love.  It all speaks to me. So when I got asked to plan a portrait session turned into a proposal, well, as you can imagine, I was excited. (And might I add how awesome of Eric to put so much special planning into making this proposal extra memorable.)  When “IT” was going to happen, I stayed back with a long lens and came closer after they had a bit of privacy but I heard Anne say, “I get to be your wife!”  It was so perfect. May you always remember that you’re a gift to each other. Congratulations, Eric and Anne!







GLANCE: Nick and Michelle

Grand Haven, Michigan

Nick and Michelle, two very talented photographers, asked me to shoot their maternity session.  It’s always an honor to have another photographer hire you but it’s a wee bit stressful, too.  You worry that you won’t do things quite right. I suppose creative people probably always obsess that their work isn’t “right.” But, Nick and Michelle are so amazing, so fun, so creative and so happy that I think we all had a wonderful time and the worry quickly vanished. There are oodles more to come but, until then, know that it was an honor documenting this miracle with you.

Pinchtown Grand Opening 57

Pinchtown Grand Opening 58

Pinchtown Grand Opening 59

GLANCE: Equestrians ~ Lauren and Courtney

It’s not very typical when a college or high school girl wants to get up at 6 a.m. for an early morning photo shoot but Lauren and Courtney, two talented equestrians from Virginia, didn’t mind a bit.  And why should they?  The sisters have been doing it for years, preparing themselves and more importantly, their horses, for competitions.  As a former Western Kentucky University equestrian team member, I remember those days well.  You did all the work yourself or you’d be pegged a “horse show brat” (competitors whose parents did all the dirty work for them!)  Thanks, Lauren and Courtney, for your patience, great attitudes and sweet Southern hospitality.  You made me feel right at home.

ENGAGEMENT: Jeff and Lis

We kind of piggybacked a mini engagement shoot of Jeff and Lis before a family photo session with Lis’s family near Lake Michigan.  Sometimes it takes a couple a little time to warm up to having cuddly photos taken.  I’m not sure if the scorching heat that day made them naturals or if it was just the fact they are crazy in love…maybe a bit of both!  One more thing, I think Lis has one of the BEST smiles I’ve ever seen.  Jeff and Lis, I can’t wait for October 6th!  Until then, keep cuddling…you’re good at it.


Jimmy. Steven. Brendon. Julia. Sophie. Ryan. Yuri. Fisher. Xander. Harper. Aylen. Sydney. And now Ezekiel.  The thirteenth Mills cousin arrived on January 8, 2012 and this weekend was the first time many of us got to meet him.  The adults marveled at his long eyelashes and took turns holding him while the other twelve cousins played together.  One big family + a lot of love = a weekend full of memories.