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WEDDING: Drew and Ashley

Muskegon, Michigan

I can’t say how happy I was to photograph a wedding in Muskegon for a change. It seems most of my weddings have been out of town and while I do enjoy exploring a new location with new possibilities, Muskegon has so much history, natural beauty, grit and nostalgia that I must say it will never get old. Ashley and Drew grew up in this town, both Mona Shores graduates who were friends long before they dated. They now live and work in a different city but came home to celebrate this day with all their closest friends and family. Even though we had continual cool rain on their wedding day, these two didn’t miss a beat and were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow in the evening.

Love and happiness (and rainbows) forever, Ashley and Drew!

Ceremony: Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts
Reception: Century Club Ballroom
Pianist: Kevin Meyer
Officiant: Forever Twogether
Photo Booth: Studio 616 
Florist: Wasserman’s
Transportation: Muskegon Trolley Company
Disc jockey: Dance Tracks DJ
Linens: Elegant Linen Design
Caterer: Hearthstone
Wedding cake: Ryke’s

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WEDDING: Justin and Amanda

Muskegon, Michigan

Justin and Amanda picked up my business card at my favorite local sandwich shop in town. The two set up a time to meet with me and I quickly realized that I recognized them both. I had photographed Justin as a firefighter during my newspaper days and Amanda works at the pediatrician’s office where I take my kiddos. Sometimes, stars do align.

With all the serendipity set aside, what made this day wonderful for me was how Amanda wore her emotions on her sleeve.  I’ve never seen a bride laugh so easily and fight back tears so courageously. Amanda was nervous, lightheaded, happy and in love — and she (and Justin) allowed me the honor of documenting the roller coaster of the day.

And one final thing, Justin wrote a love letter to Amanda for her to open before walking down the aisle.  She was too emotional to read it, too fearful that the tears wouldn’t stop once they started, but I got the chance to photograph the letter.  I didn’t dare read it for the words weren’t meant for me but I focused in on one single word: SOULMATE.

Indeed, Justin and Amanda, you are soulmates and I wish you years of love.

Ceremony: Westwood Reformed Church
Reception: Dockers
Florist: Chalet Floral
Cake: Giggles Goodies
Hair and makeup: Salon 297
Photo Booth: Rhythm of the Night Entertainment
DJ: Quality Sound
Catering: Harris Hospitality
Second photographer: blinkPHOTO

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WEDDING: Charlie and Yau

Muskegon, Michigan

Yau grew up in Seattle and Charlie grew up in Muskegon. The two met during orientation week at Northwestern and dated throughout college. Now both lawyers in Chicago, with a shared love of travel, their two families gathered at the Muskegon Country Club overlooking Muskegon Lake to celebrate their marriage. When I met Yau and Charlie they told me they wanted their wedding celebration to be “formal with a fun, cut-loose feel” and that’s exactly the way it was. Charlie and Yau were having so much fun talking and mingling with their friends and family that sometimes I couldn’t find the two in the same room!

Charlie and Yau, may your marriage be full of love and many travels.

Ceremony and reception: Muskegon Country Club
Florist: Wasserman’s
Cake: Ryke’s
Hair and makeup: The Creative Edge
Shoes: Glint
Photo Booth: Mi Photo Booth
Band: Groove Solution

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WEDDING: Dave and Stephanie

Muskegon, Michigan

During my first conversation with Stephanie she told me she had dual citizenship between Chicago, where she and Dave live, and Muskegon – – the place where she grew up. The beaches of Muskegon were special and important- -so important that the wedding party came in on boats! The ceremony was on a private beach that the guests walked to through a path of hardwoods and hemlocks.  Friends and family were the two words that came up over and over and over again. That was the focus. Stephanie asked me, “Could you just be a second set of eyes?”  And so I was.

Thank you, Dave and Stephanie, for the honor of documenting your wedding day and for sharing your wonderful families with me.  You are beautiful people.

Second photographer: blinkPHOTO
Reception: Century Club
Cake: Ryke’s
Florist: Wasserman’s
Dress: Enzoani
Bride’s shoes: Benjamin Adams
Bridesmaids gowns: Donna Morgan
Disc Jockey: Definition of Sound
Caterer: Hearthstone
Wedding coordinator: CMF Marketing

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WEDDING: Nate and Andrea

Muskegon, Michigan

“The world’s favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.”  –  Edwin Way Teale

Days before Nate and Andrea’s spring wedding, rain threatened their celebration. I think I checked the extended weather forecast compulsively for days but when May 4th arrived, the sun came out, trees and flowers were blossoming and two people that have loved each for years, tied the knot. When true love is involved, all things are possible indeed. Andrea and Nate, may sunlight always follow your marriage.

And thank you, Emily Zoladz, for assisting me with photographing this wedding.  Your images helped capture this day perfectly.

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church
Reception: Watermark 920
Cake: Sugar and Spice
Florist: Wasserman’s
Dress: Bridal Elegance
Disc Jockey: Moments in Time
Hair and makeup: JW & Co.

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GLANCE: Dave and Stephanie

Muskegon, Michigan

Dave and Stephanie live in Chicago but Stephanie’s heart is so connected to the place she grew up that the two were married on a private beach in Norton Shores where she spent so much of her youth. I love when couples connect the dots to make their wedding more than just a ceremony but a reflection of their lives. Every detail of their day had a story, a purpose and a reason – – but mostly it was full of love.



GLANCE: Nate and Andrea

Muskegon, Michigan

So, I think this may be the most amazing dress I have ever photographed.  And, I must have prayed so hard for nice weather that the Rain Gods actually listened this time. Congratulations, Andrea and Nate.  Your wedding was gorgeous — just like the dress, the weather and YOU.  Happiness always.





WEDDING: Lee and Lisa

Muskegon, Michigan

I’m not sure if I remember the officiant’s exact words but it went something like this, ‘Don’t focus on what is wrong but focus on what is right.’  I know the sentiment was meant for Lee and Lisa during their intimate, private wedding ceremony but I needed those words too.  With changing careers, less time at home and life’s daily struggles, I know I can focus on what needs fixing. Don’t we all?  I’m sure Lee and Lisa heard those words, too, and will use them as they start their new life together – – one that will include their future son that is due this May along with Lee’s young son, Zayden.  Lee and Lisa, may you always look for what is honest, true and RIGHT with your relationship.

Venue:  Hideaway Lounge at Fricano Place
Cake: Ryke’s
Catering: Above & Beyond
Florist: Wasserman’s Flowers & Gifts