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Montague, Michigan

Children see magic because they look for it,” ~ Christopher Moore

I’ve known Henry for a few years now and, yes, he gets cuter every time I photograph him. But man, oh man, does his energy grow exponentially. I won’t lie I had a hard time keeping up with this little man but I love that everything is an exploration. A rock. A tree. A stick. (And next year, I’m wearing my running shoes.)Henry 01 Henry 02 Henry 03 Henry 04 Henry 05 Henry 06 Henry 07 Henry 08 Henry 09 Henry 10 Henry 11 Henry 12 Henry 13 Henry 14

BABY: Eliza Jane

Montague, Michigan

Documenting when a new baby comes home is not just about a new life but welcoming a new person into a family. Watching Vera be a proud big sister and a couple Boston terriers turn into “guard dogs” was just as exciting as photographing cute baby toes. Congratulations Mott family and welcome Baby Eliza!

babyeliza  01 babyeliza  02 babyeliza  03 babyeliza  04 babyeliza  05 babyeliza  06 babyeliza  07 babyeliza  08 babyeliza  09 babyeliza  10 babyeliza  11 babyeliza  12 babyeliza  13 babyeliza  14 babyeliza  15 babyeliza  16 babyeliza  17 babyeliza  18 babyeliza  19 babyeliza  20 babyeliza  21 babyeliza  22


GLANCE: Drouin Family

Montague, Michigan

I photographed this wonderful family last summer and boy what a difference a year makes! It was hard to keep up with sweet Henry but I loved his curiosity and playfulness. Thanks for having me back again.

drouin  01 drouin  02 drouin  03 drouin  04 drouin  05 drouin  06


Montague, Michigan

It’s always an honor to have another photographer hire you to take their picture. Emily, who is the talented photographer behind Watassa, trusted me to capture her spirit and personality. We had a blast prancing through the woods and goofing off in downtown Montague. These are some of my favorites. (Yes, these are all of the same Emily on the same day – – she has a hundred different “looks” but just one awesome personality!)

em  01 em  02 em  03 em  04 em  05 em  06 em  07 em  08

Mott Family

Montague, Michigan

A toddler who is expressive and loves to read (no, REALLY loves to read) + a Boston terrier who is just as expressive and waits for crumbs dropped by the toddler who takes her eating “very seriously” + a really fun (and hip) couple = a really great family photo session.

Thank you, Motts.  You were incredible. Oh, and now that I heard you added another Boston terrier to the mix,  we should do this again sometime!

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Montague, Michigan

Henry stole my heart. He just got a few new teeth. He just learned to crawl. He makes THE best faces I’ve ever seen a baby make. He’s curious. He’s funny. Best of all, he really loves his mommy and daddy. I want to photograph this kiddo every year.  He’s that cute.

bloghenry 01

bloghenry 02

bloghenry 03

bloghenry 04

bloghenry 05

bloghenry 06

bloghenry 07

bloghenry 08

bloghenry 09

bloghenry 10

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