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ENGAGEMENT: Michael and Christina

Jenison, Michigan

Michael proposed to Christina by tying the ring on their puppy’s collar while hiking at Fillmore at the Bend. I love that we revisited this sentimental location with their not-so-small dog in tow. Because of bad weather, we had to reschedule our shoot a few times but I’m so glad we waited – – we had the most amazing light!

I can’t wait until your August wedding, Michael and  Christina. I’ll be crossing my fingers for weather just as perfect as this day. xo

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They say good things come to those who wait.  As I photographed Nick and Michelle who were preparing their home and their hearts for a baby boy, Michelle said to me, “You know, this baby is a miracle.”  And indeed it’s true.  Nick and Michelle, as I have learned, just gave birth to their son a couple days ago. I feel so blessed that I got to document their love and anticipation for what was to come.  With a love of good tea, knitting, super funky fashion, books, and a dog – – this little boy is going to have an enriched life with crazy awesome parents.  blognm 01

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