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Turning One

Clarkston, Michigan

Turning one is a big deal. It means the start of babbled words, wobbly walking and fast-paced crawls. I love that this beautiful Lake Orion family wanted to document this time in their son’s life. Despite mosquitos that thought they were invited to the photo session and air so thick you could cut it with a knife, this kiddo was one of the best toddlers I’ve ever photographed. He smiled the whole time and he loves the family dog (who also knows how to smile!) like a big teddy bear. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your family’s milestones.

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Muskegon, Michigan

There are days when I feel a bit melancholy that my newspaper days are behind me. I always thought that community photojournalism could make a big difference (I still do) but somehow I feel what I do now doesn’t have the potential to make a change in the world. And then I have a day like this — a day when I had the honor of photographing Kira — a child with an undeniable energy, a curiosity for nature, a spunk for life and an easy laugh. In one quick hour, her contagious personality made me appreciate that what I do now may just be more important. Be kind and share some goodness because it may just be the thing someone needs today.

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Ravenna, Michigan

I love rural life. For anyone who doesn’t know, my minor is actually agriculture. Sooooo, the Wilburns are pretty much my favorite type of family. When your kids can walk down the middle of the road it’s a perfect place to grow up. And, my favorite moment of the night was when a frog jumped onto Marlee’s face (I still hope she isn’t too traumatized by that.) Wilburns, please have me back, I never got to take pictures in the chicken coop!
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The Potts Sisters

North Muskegon, Michigan

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph the Potts family three times now. Although, the first two I still haven’t blogged (shame on me) this one has made it by some sort of miracle. This first time I met the Potts, Lisa was expecting and four-year-old, Ella, was anticipating her little sister’s arrival. The second time, the baby had just arrived and we photographed the newness of what comes along with that. This last time was my very favorite. It was filled with “everyday” moments — Ella hugged and squeezed her now six-month-old sister like a loved toy. She showed me her hideout on the front porch of their home, she picked flowers from their garden and modeled her purple sunglasses.
pottsgirls 01 pottsgirls 02 pottsgirls 03 pottsgirls 04 pottsgirls 05 pottsgirls 06 pottsgirls 07 pottsgirls 08 pottsgirls 09 pottsgirls 10 pottsgirls 11 pottsgirls 12