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ENGAGEMENT: Grae and Becky

Chicago, Illinois

I woke up at 2 am (with lots of strong coffee as my companion) to make the drive from Montague, Michigan to Chicago in time for a sunrise engagement shoot with Grae and Becky. Sunrise shoots are my very favorite. It’s the best light, in my opinion, but not many couples are up for looking their best so early in the morning. Even though I found the willing couple, I was met with thick fog. Not exactly what I was hoping for but after it was all said and done, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Next month I’ll be in Frankfort, Michigan photographing these two on their wedding day and no matter what weather we face, I’m guessing it will be just as fabulous.

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ENGAGEMENT: Isaac and Jennifer

North Muskegon, Michigan

I think we had to reschedule Isaac and Jennifer’s engagement session at least four or five times. Once it was boat-related, a couple times it was the weather. Neither Jennifer or myself wanted to give up on taking the engagement photos aboard their sailboat. I knew it would be challenging trying to compose interesting images being hindered by a small space, not to mention we had some pretty decent waves to deal with and, admittedly, I even got a little nauseated but I knew that sailing was important to them. Special. The place they had their second date.

Without a doubt — with no regrets, I’m SO happy that Isaac and Jennifer were flexible and we made it happen. As I drove to the session, it was raining (AGAIN!) but the skies cleared, the sun came out and we had an amazing sunset. I’m sure there is some metaphor in here about marriage, not giving up, etc. but I’ll leave that for you to ponder…


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GLANCE: Lee and Lisa engagement

Muskegon, Michigan

When two people are so in love it makes my “job” so much more fun.


WEDDING: Jon and Becky

It was their love of botany and a rock collection on Becky’s windowsill that made these two “science people” fall in love.  So, of course, it was fitting that the two graduate students be married overlooking Lake Michigan in Manistee surrounded by the things they love.  “We both have an appreciation for the wonder of nature,” they told me.  And so, with nature as their backdrop and good friends and family at their side, Jon and Becky said, “I do.”  May your life always be filled with wonder.


I don’t know why, but Alyse was nervous to be photographed.  She’s gorgeous AND photogenic but she brought along her mother and older sister, Emory (oops, I mean, Marie), to help her feel comfortable.  Her mom carried my heavy camera bag the whole time and Marie held my reflector (if you two ever need a job…) Anyway, Alyse, you made my day.  You shared your fun family with me, battled a few bumblebees and braved cold Lake Michigan waters.  You have my best wishes for a happy and beautiful future because you are a happy and beautiful person.


When I chatted with Emily about her upcoming wedding, she really wanted the day to be about the gathering of friends and family that would come to celebrate with her and Jordan.  She didn’t have an extensive list of photos she wanted, Emily just kept saying it was about the guests.  No getting ready photos, no dollar dance or cake-cutting pictures. And for me, that was just fine.  It was fine because the stress of missing a crucial wedding component for a photographer can add a few gray hairs, but on a more serious note, it allowed me to focus on the REAL meaning of a wedding in the first place…LOVE.  Thank you, Emily and Jordan, for three beautiful days of celebration – – the rehearsal, wedding and Sunday brunch.  (oh, and I think I gained weight just by editing these photos…the food was AMAZING!)


Alyse drove from Lansing to have her senior photos taken near Lake Michigan.  We did that and a whole lot more.  I found out Alyse is a pretty good soccer player so I figured she’d be up to my  photographic shenanigans.  And she was.  Alyse battled some bees, climbed through weeds and even jumped in the lake!  To top it off, Alyse’s mom carried my camera bag the whole time (my shoulders thank you!) and her sister held the reflector.  What a family.  Thanks for taking risks, Alyse, I can’t wait to show you the whole batch.  


ENGAGEMENT: Jeff and Lis

We kind of piggybacked a mini engagement shoot of Jeff and Lis before a family photo session with Lis’s family near Lake Michigan.  Sometimes it takes a couple a little time to warm up to having cuddly photos taken.  I’m not sure if the scorching heat that day made them naturals or if it was just the fact they are crazy in love…maybe a bit of both!  One more thing, I think Lis has one of the BEST smiles I’ve ever seen.  Jeff and Lis, I can’t wait for October 6th!  Until then, keep cuddling…you’re good at it.

GLANCE: Scott and Becky engagement

When Becky told me that she and Scott were getting married on her parent’s centennial farm in an old red barn, well, you know I was excited! This past Sunday, I got to visit the farm (it was even better than I expected!) and “practice” while I shot their engagement photos.  Here’s one of my favorites from Lake Michigan…you’ll have to wait to see the barn : )  Looking forward to June 23rd…this wedding is going to be amazing!