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WEDDING: Tim and Abby

Grand Haven, Michigan

It was touch and go whether or not Tim and Abby could have their wedding on the Grand Haven pier like they had hoped. The catwalk is now removed and the boardwalk in under construction but the wedding went off as planned with a perfect golden sunset to boot. Thirty of their closest friends and family were invited to the wedding but they had at least thirty more uninvited guests who shared in their day. There were fisherman, photographers, boaters and teenagers but everyone seemed united in Tim and Abby’s love for a few short moments.

Wedding planner: Pure & Simple Weddings
Reception: Jelly’s
Photography assistant: Jon Mills

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WEDDING: Owen and Ashley

Whitehall, Michigan

Owen and Ashley, two compassionate doctors and really good people, wanted to get married overlooking Lake Michigan, a favorite place of theirs. They crossed their fingers for good weather and were married on a gorgeous August day at Michillinda Lodge. They exchanged vows underneath blue skies with an equally blue lake behind them. The two nature-lovers were engaged at P. J. Hoffmaster while hiking along the dunes so we revisited this special park on their wedding day. And how can I not love a bride who mentioned her love of yard sales during her vows, changed into a dress from a thrift store for the reception and wore a pearl bracelet she found in a dumpster?!

May your marriage be full of more hikes, adventure and lots of found treasures along the way!

Ceremony: Michillinda Lodge
Caterer: Ryke’s
Bridal gown: Allure Collection
Bridesmaids dresses: J.Crew
DJ: Modern Entertainment
Second photographer: Josh Rexford

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