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They say good things come to those who wait.  As I photographed Nick and Michelle who were preparing their home and their hearts for a baby boy, Michelle said to me, “You know, this baby is a miracle.”  And indeed it’s true.  Nick and Michelle, as I have learned, just gave birth to their son a couple days ago. I feel so blessed that I got to document their love and anticipation for what was to come.  With a love of good tea, knitting, super funky fashion, books, and a dog – – this little boy is going to have an enriched life with crazy awesome parents.  blognm 01

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GLANCE: Nick and Michelle

Grand Haven, Michigan

Nick and Michelle, two very talented photographers, asked me to shoot their maternity session.  It’s always an honor to have another photographer hire you but it’s a wee bit stressful, too.  You worry that you won’t do things quite right. I suppose creative people probably always obsess that their work isn’t “right.” But, Nick and Michelle are so amazing, so fun, so creative and so happy that I think we all had a wonderful time and the worry quickly vanished. There are oodles more to come but, until then, know that it was an honor documenting this miracle with you.

Pinchtown Grand Opening 57

Pinchtown Grand Opening 58

Pinchtown Grand Opening 59

WEDDING: Jeff and Amanda

Jeff and Amanda’s friends set them up on a blind date.  They thought that Jeff and Amanda would be perfect for each other.  I only met Jeff and Amanda a few months before their wedding but by the end of the reception, I felt like we left as friends.  They are sweet, kind and genuine.  And after spending the day with them, I know their friends were right…they ARE meant for each other.  Happiness always, Amanda and Jeff!


It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I babysat Jeff.  He might have been 3 years old or 4 at the most.  I remember watching him play baseball with his family then, too. A miniature baseball gripped in his three-year-old little hand.  And now, I photographed him as a senior.  A small boy now turned into a gentleman, one who offered to carry my camera bag and used polite manners with every sentence, and one who still loves the Great American Pastime.  Best of luck, Jeff, in all your future endeavors.  It’s been fun watching you grow up.

These next two images are by Matt Gade who graciously agreed to help me with his lighting skills.  Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  (Oh, and he’s not a bad pyrotechnician either!)


I don’t know why, but Alyse was nervous to be photographed.  She’s gorgeous AND photogenic but she brought along her mother and older sister, Emory (oops, I mean, Marie), to help her feel comfortable.  Her mom carried my heavy camera bag the whole time and Marie held my reflector (if you two ever need a job…) Anyway, Alyse, you made my day.  You shared your fun family with me, battled a few bumblebees and braved cold Lake Michigan waters.  You have my best wishes for a happy and beautiful future because you are a happy and beautiful person.

WEDDING: Gretchen and Mo

Gretchen and Mo said they wanted a small wedding but with a whole lot of love.  It was perfect!  The Louisville, Ky. couple was married at Rosy Mound Natural Area where they got engaged.  Eighteen guests. A super funky home they rented in the dunes.  Cupcakes from Holland Cakery. Coffee from the Coffee Grounds.  Dinner at The Grand. Small. Elegant. Beautiful. Gretchen has the most beautiful eyes and Mo looks at Gretchen with so much love…with that combo, my job was pretty easy.  Did I mention that they were tons of fun, too?  That funky house I mentioned had a rooftop deck (which they agreed to climb up to) and a trampoline (which they agreed to jump on).  Gretchen and Mo, I wish you years of happiness.  May your feet never touch the ground!