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WEDDING: Tim and Abby

Grand Haven, Michigan

It was touch and go whether or not Tim and Abby could have their wedding on the Grand Haven pier like they had hoped. The catwalk is now removed and the boardwalk in under construction but the wedding went off as planned with a perfect golden sunset to boot. Thirty of their closest friends and family were invited to the wedding but they had at least thirty more uninvited guests who shared in their day. There were fisherman, photographers, boaters and teenagers but everyone seemed united in Tim and Abby’s love for a few short moments.

Wedding planner: Pure & Simple Weddings
Reception: Jelly’s
Photography assistant: Jon Mills

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WEDDING: Geoff and Ellen

West Olive, Michigan

I’m beginning to see a trend. It seems as though a lot of my couples live elsewhere but are drawn back to Lake Michigan to get married. Ellen and Geoff reside in New York City where Geoff works for Google and Ellen for Simon & Schuster but Ellen grew up in Spring Lake. “Inviting my East Coast friends to the beach” was one of Ellen’s priorities for her wedding and sentimentality is one of mine so I knew I’d love this day. Add in her mother’s antique glass bottle collection, hand-lettered invitation and program by the bride herself, some local Michigan blueberry syrup and Geoff’s computer cufflinks and, well, I was in visual heaven all day long. Not to mention, these two have an energy, respect and love for one another that’s pretty obvious.

Venue: Camp Blodgett
Bridal gown: Claire Pettibone
Bridal alterations: Sew Elegant
Bridal headband: Jennifer Behr
Bridal shoes: Banana Republic

Groom’s suit: JCrew
Favors: Blueberry Haven

Florist: Grand Haven Flower House
Decorations: Anthropologie 

Flowers: Grand Haven Farmers Market
Caterer: Martha’s Vineyard
Wedding cakes: Grand Finale Desserts and Pastries

Second photographer: Josh Rexford

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WEDDING: Pat and Sally

Grand Haven, Michigan

Pat and Sally had an intimate wedding ceremony with a handful of close friends and family at the historic Khardomah Lodge in Grand Haven. I had never met the couple until their wedding day but I felt instantly drawn to their love story. With a few tears shed during the ceremony with an exchange of unique rings from Misty Wiersema-Jewelers followed by amazing wine and food from the Hearthstone, the day gave me the feeling that they were old friends.

May warmth and happiness follow you always.


sallypat 01 sallypat 02 sallypat 03 sallypat 04 sallypat 05 sallypat 06 sallypat 07 sallypat 08 sallypat 09 sallypat 10 sallypat 11 sallypat 12 sallypat 13 sallypat 14 sallypat 15 sallypat 16 sallypat 17 sallypat 18 sallypat 19 sallypat 20 sallypat 21 sallypat 22 sallypat 23 sallypat 24 sallypat 25 sallypat 26 sallypat 27 sallypat 28 sallypat 29 sallypat 30 sallypat 31 sallypat 32 sallypat 33 sallypat 34Grand Haven, Michigan