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Saying goodbye

Muskegon, Michigan

I’m not sure I can even recall the first time I met Rev. Don Mathews and his wife, Grace. All I know was I remember the voice.  If you’ve ever heard Rev. Mathews speak, you know what I’m referring to. The voice may have been my first impression but it was their commitment to this community and its people that left the final impression.

Rev. Mathews and Grace left Muskegon earlier this month to move south to be near family.  They recently celebrated their sixtieth anniversary and then a reception was held at First Presbyterian Church so the community could say their goodbyes. If long lines, tears and more hugs than you can count is a testament to lives well-lived, than Don and Grace did just that.


WEDDING: Nate and Andrea

Muskegon, Michigan

“The world’s favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.”  –  Edwin Way Teale

Days before Nate and Andrea’s spring wedding, rain threatened their celebration. I think I checked the extended weather forecast compulsively for days but when May 4th arrived, the sun came out, trees and flowers were blossoming and two people that have loved each for years, tied the knot. When true love is involved, all things are possible indeed. Andrea and Nate, may sunlight always follow your marriage.

And thank you, Emily Zoladz, for assisting me with photographing this wedding.  Your images helped capture this day perfectly.

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church
Reception: Watermark 920
Cake: Sugar and Spice
Florist: Wasserman’s
Dress: Bridal Elegance
Disc Jockey: Moments in Time
Hair and makeup: JW & Co.

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GLANCE: Nate and Andrea

Muskegon, Michigan

So, I think this may be the most amazing dress I have ever photographed.  And, I must have prayed so hard for nice weather that the Rain Gods actually listened this time. Congratulations, Andrea and Nate.  Your wedding was gorgeous — just like the dress, the weather and YOU.  Happiness always.





WEDDING: Jeff and Lis

Muskegon, Michigan

I kept trying to cut down the number of images for Jeff and Lis’s blog post but, try as I might, I failed.  I realized it was probably because of all the weddings I have photographed this year, Jeff and Lis’s was the closest to my own personal style. First of all, they were married in the same chapel that my husband and I were married in 10 years prior, then throw in all their vintage-inspired touches and DIY projects along with their two dogs as part of the ceremony and…. BINGO…you have this photographer’s dream wedding.  And did I mention the birdcage veil?!

Vendors ~ Cake: Sugar and Spice Cake Design, Reception: Hagar’s Hideaway, Florist: Chalet

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When I chatted with Emily about her upcoming wedding, she really wanted the day to be about the gathering of friends and family that would come to celebrate with her and Jordan.  She didn’t have an extensive list of photos she wanted, Emily just kept saying it was about the guests.  No getting ready photos, no dollar dance or cake-cutting pictures. And for me, that was just fine.  It was fine because the stress of missing a crucial wedding component for a photographer can add a few gray hairs, but on a more serious note, it allowed me to focus on the REAL meaning of a wedding in the first place…LOVE.  Thank you, Emily and Jordan, for three beautiful days of celebration – – the rehearsal, wedding and Sunday brunch.  (oh, and I think I gained weight just by editing these photos…the food was AMAZING!)

Sweet Harmony

I had the pleasure of taking photos of Sweet Harmony for an upcoming benefit concert.  Go and listen to these amazing women sing and know that your donation will go to an even more amazing cause.  You can help bring Tanya home by attending the concert on April 22 at 3 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church, Muskegon.