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Mondays with Mom

July 22, 2013

The 7th Monday: Being a mom can be humbling and a wee bit embarrassing.

First, we stopped at our little library in Montague and checked out a fresh stack of books.  (Embarrassing moment: Realizing someone had censored a scantily clad photo of a busty woman in one of the books by taping a little scrap of paper over the picture which made my six-year-old all the more curious what was under that little piece of orange paper.)

Next, we took a bike ride along the Hart-Montague bicycle trail.  (Humbling moment: Harper throwing a temper tantrum because her bike was “tippy” and having two well-meaning women tell me that I should carry her because she was scared. Ummmm…and how do you suggest I carry her, her bicycle AND keep up with my six-year-old?)

We explored the wetlands where the White River spills into White Lake.  We found frogs in the algae and saw mushrooms, trees and cotton candy in the clouds.   (No embarrassing moments – -whew!)

Then we stopped at a store to pick up a few things.  (Embarrassing moment:  Harper asks in her loud whisper voice “Mom, is that a boy or girl?” referring to the lady behind the checkout counter.)

Lastly, we head home for manicures and dress up.  (Humbling moment: I let the cat out of the house only to catch a glimpse of his tail which was covered with pink hairdo holders.  So, I chase after the cat to extract the bows.)

We ate fresh blueberries that we had picked two days prior. (Humbling moment: Explaining that yes, indeed, eating lots of blueberries does make your poop an interesting purplish color.)









FAMILY: Bengston

Duck Lake State Park, Michigan

I can’t wait to photograph this FUN family during Andrea and Nate’s wedding this May.  We did a short photo session this fall at one of my favorite places – – Duck Lake State Park.  How can you not love this family and their energy?!   Counting down the days….








Hanrahan Family

They flew or drove from Illinois, Virginia, South Carolina, New York and Atlanta to one central location:  Michigan.  The Hanrahan family came for one BIG reason: a baby.  Thank you for allowing me to document this special gathering.  May Michigan become your second home in the years to come.