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FAMILY: Sayles and Rogers

In the summer of 2014, this beautiful family hired me to join them for a day in Glen Arbor for their summer vacation. In 2015, they asked me back but this time in New Buffalo. The beach was different and the children had grown but so much stayed the same. The kids still played in the water until it was bedtime and they all loved one another like the year before. My fingers are crossed that I can come along on the Sayles/Rogers family vacation again.
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Lefkowitz/Luria Family

Birmingham, Michigan

Within the first few minutes of shooting, the sweet four-year-old I was photographing bumped her head on the wall hard. Really hard. Sometimes, when you’re photographing children, that’s all it takes. One mishap and things can go not quite as planned. But not this family, working with laughter and the promise of playing dress-up (sprinkled in with a few cake-eating breaks) a little bump on the head couldn’t damper their spirits.

Thank you for rolling with the punches and just being yourselves.

P.S. I must know the name of that cake and where you get it.

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BABY: Eliza Jane

Montague, Michigan

Documenting when a new baby comes home is not just about a new life but welcoming a new person into a family. Watching Vera be a proud big sister and a couple Boston terriers turn into “guard dogs” was just as exciting as photographing cute baby toes. Congratulations Mott family and welcome Baby Eliza!

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