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Montague, Michigan

It’s always an honor to have another photographer hire you to take their picture. Emily, who is the talented photographer behind Watassa, trusted me to capture her spirit and personality. We had a blast prancing through the woods and goofing off in downtown Montague. These are some of my favorites. (Yes, these are all of the same Emily on the same day – – she has a hundred different “looks” but just one awesome personality!)

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GLANCE: Ryan and Emily

Crystal Mountain, Michigan

On Friday, thunderstorms threatened Ryan and Emily’s Crystal Mountain wedding but by the time they said their “I do’s,” it was a gorgeous day.  During their vows, Ryan said to Emily, “You are home to me.”  I’m not going to lie, I got a bit choked up.  There are so many moments and reasons why I loved this wedding but I’ll save that for the full post, right now, I just want you to see for yourselves the love between these two wonderful people.  Enjoy your time in Tahiti, Ryan and Emily.  You are amazing (and so are your families!) Check out my shooting partner Carrie Turner’s sneak peek here.  We’ll have much more to share in the weeks to come….