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Turning One

Clarkston, Michigan

Turning one is a big deal. It means the start of babbled words, wobbly walking and fast-paced crawls. I love that this beautiful Lake Orion family wanted to document this time in their son’s life. Despite mosquitos that thought they were invited to the photo session and air so thick you could cut it with a knife, this kiddo was one of the best toddlers I’ve ever photographed. He smiled the whole time and he loves the family dog (who also knows how to smile!) like a big teddy bear. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your family’s milestones.

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Muskegon, Michigan

There are days when I feel a bit melancholy that my newspaper days are behind me. I always thought that community photojournalism could make a big difference (I still do) but somehow I feel what I do now doesn’t have the potential to make a change in the world. And then I have a day like this — a day when I had the honor of photographing Kira — a child with an undeniable energy, a curiosity for nature, a spunk for life and an easy laugh. In one quick hour, her contagious personality made me appreciate that what I do now may just be more important. Be kind and share some goodness because it may just be the thing someone needs today.

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BABY: Eliza Jane

Montague, Michigan

Documenting when a new baby comes home is not just about a new life but welcoming a new person into a family. Watching Vera be a proud big sister and a couple Boston terriers turn into “guard dogs” was just as exciting as photographing cute baby toes. Congratulations Mott family and welcome Baby Eliza!

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GLANCE: Drouin Family

Montague, Michigan

I photographed this wonderful family last summer and boy what a difference a year makes! It was hard to keep up with sweet Henry but I loved his curiosity and playfulness. Thanks for having me back again.

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GLANCE: Eric and Anne proposal

Muskegon, Michigan

I love when people are in love. Even better, I love it when someone trusts me enough to photograph their love – – whether it’s a wedding, their new baby, or their pet.  Love is love.  It all speaks to me. So when I got asked to plan a portrait session turned into a proposal, well, as you can imagine, I was excited. (And might I add how awesome of Eric to put so much special planning into making this proposal extra memorable.)  When “IT” was going to happen, I stayed back with a long lens and came closer after they had a bit of privacy but I heard Anne say, “I get to be your wife!”  It was so perfect. May you always remember that you’re a gift to each other. Congratulations, Eric and Anne!







Love Times Three, a year later…

Muskegon, Michigan

Maybe you remember this blog post from a year ago (or maybe you don’t) but the point is this: the greatest compliment is to have a family hire you back again to document the lives of their beautiful children.  This means the world to me.  Honestly, I hope I’m photographing “Love Times Three” on their wedding day if I’m still able to hold a camera.  And let me say something else, the first image of mom with her three daughters is one of my favorites because look at that smile…isn’t that what motherhood is all about?

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Moblo Family Camping

P. J. Hoffmaster State Park ~ Norton Shores, Michigan

Sue Moblo has 13 grandchildren with more on the way.  Every summer she would round them up and plan an outing.  Three years ago, they found camping.  Sue says it’s a “down to earth” way to get to know who her grandchildren really are.  “It makes me feel good when I’m around them,” she said. “They make you feel young.”  So for a day this past summer, she hired me to capture their youth.  Cousins playing a game of Ninja.  Putting together puzzles.  Warming their toes by the campfire.  Making s’mores. Hugging. Laughing. Being a family.  “If you keep them close, they’ll always be there to take care of you,” Sue said.  I have a hunch she’ll never have to worry about that for as long as she lives.




























Hanrahan Family

They flew or drove from Illinois, Virginia, South Carolina, New York and Atlanta to one central location:  Michigan.  The Hanrahan family came for one BIG reason: a baby.  Thank you for allowing me to document this special gathering.  May Michigan become your second home in the years to come.