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WEDDING: Justin and Amanda

Muskegon, Michigan

Justin and Amanda picked up my business card at my favorite local sandwich shop in town. The two set up a time to meet with me and I quickly realized that I recognized them both. I had photographed Justin as a firefighter during my newspaper days and Amanda works at the pediatrician’s office where I take my kiddos. Sometimes, stars do align.

With all the serendipity set aside, what made this day wonderful for me was how Amanda wore her emotions on her sleeve.  I’ve never seen a bride laugh so easily and fight back tears so courageously. Amanda was nervous, lightheaded, happy and in love — and she (and Justin) allowed me the honor of documenting the roller coaster of the day.

And one final thing, Justin wrote a love letter to Amanda for her to open before walking down the aisle.  She was too emotional to read it, too fearful that the tears wouldn’t stop once they started, but I got the chance to photograph the letter.  I didn’t dare read it for the words weren’t meant for me but I focused in on one single word: SOULMATE.

Indeed, Justin and Amanda, you are soulmates and I wish you years of love.

Ceremony: Westwood Reformed Church
Reception: Dockers
Florist: Chalet Floral
Cake: Giggles Goodies
Hair and makeup: Salon 297
Photo Booth: Rhythm of the Night Entertainment
DJ: Quality Sound
Catering: Harris Hospitality
Second photographer: blinkPHOTO

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