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WEDDING: Leo and Samantha

Franklin, Michigan

Samantha and Leo’s love story began on the first day of Leo’s freshmen year at Kalamazoo College when they met. They were friends for a couple years first — the way all good relationships start — and have been a couple for many years since. Thirty years ago, the bride’s parents had their wedding in the same place. The bride wore borrowed pearls and her engagement ring was made from her grandmother’s. Although the rain caused a few logistical challenges, seeing these two surrounded with such great tradition, love and joy made all that seem insignificant. The emotional ceremony had everyone in tears and then, like magic, the sun came out and soaked underneath the tent and left the evening with a quick, golden sunset.

Ceremony and reception: Franklin Hills Country Club
Invitations: Lee’s Specialty
Florist: Frech Sutherland
Baker: Holiday Market
Wedding musicians: Fleur de Lys String Ensemble
Hair: Peter Mansoor – P. La Salon
Makeup: Leslie Paterra – Todd’s Room
Bridal shoes: Via Spiga
Bridal gown designer: Gregory Parkinson
DJ: DJ Tom T
Second photographer: Merissa Hudnall

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WEDDING: Owen and Ashley

Whitehall, Michigan

Owen and Ashley, two compassionate doctors and really good people, wanted to get married overlooking Lake Michigan, a favorite place of theirs. They crossed their fingers for good weather and were married on a gorgeous August day at Michillinda Lodge. They exchanged vows underneath blue skies with an equally blue lake behind them. The two nature-lovers were engaged at P. J. Hoffmaster while hiking along the dunes so we revisited this special park on their wedding day. And how can I not love a bride who mentioned her love of yard sales during her vows, changed into a dress from a thrift store for the reception and wore a pearl bracelet she found in a dumpster?!

May your marriage be full of more hikes, adventure and lots of found treasures along the way!

Ceremony: Michillinda Lodge
Caterer: Ryke’s
Bridal gown: Allure Collection
Bridesmaids dresses: J.Crew
DJ: Modern Entertainment
Second photographer: Josh Rexford

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WEDDING: Josh and Sara

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Josh and Sara both grew up in the Detroit area but now call Kalamazoo home. As lovers of wine and craft beer — and their new town — they wanted to invite all their closest friends and family to join them for one big cocktail party type of wedding. I love that Josh and Sara took what they love, added some creative flair and old wedding photographs, to make this wedding uniquely theirs. (And, seriously, a dancing 93-year-old grandmother, a handful of super heros and wedding vows that mention a gruesome murder — what more could anyone ask for?!)

May you always be uniquely you in your marriage. Congratulations, Josh and Sara!

Pre-ceremony preparations: The Radisson Plaza Hotel
Ceremony, reception and catering: The Wine Loft
Bridal gown: Halston Heritage
Bridal shoes: BHLDN
Makeup: Makeup by Jenna
Drink stop: The Principle
Bride’s earrings: Heatherly Designs
Florist: Southern Exposure Herb Farm
Floral designer: Micah Stanislowski
DJ: BJ Etheridge

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