North Muskegon, Michigan

Admittedly, Reiko said she is awkward in front of a camera and she definitely didn’t want an audience, she said, so we took her senior portraits at her North Muskegon home overlooking Bear Lake at sunrise (which is THE best light in my opinion.) After shooting for a few minutes, there was no awkwardness in my opinion — this girl is a beauty with a great laugh, dimples and just the perfect amount of toughness, too. The only thing that could have been bad was if she fell off her paddle board which nearly happened.

reikoblog-01 reikoblog-02 reikoblog-03 reikoblog-04 reikoblog-05 reikoblog-06 reikoblog-07 reikoblog-08 reikoblog-09 reikoblog-10 reikoblog-11 reikoblog-12 reikoblog-13 reikoblog-14 reikoblog-15 reikoblog-16 reikoblog-17 reikoblog-18


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