Baby Asher

Grandville, Michigan

Back in February, I photographed the Ibrahim family in anticipation of a new baby joining their family of three. This time I was in their lovely Grandville home that was full of new baby toys, sleepy parents and one really excited big brother. “You are the only baby I’ll ever want,” Eesa whispered to his new brother. Eesa dressed for the occasion wearing a navy blue bow-tie, showed off the baby’s new nursery and gave me a tour of the house which had his artwork on grand display. We finished up in the backyard, dog and all, to hang the new signs on the playhouse — Eesa and Asher.

babyasher 01 babyasher 02 babyasher 03 babyasher 04 babyasher 05 babyasher 06 babyasher 07 babyasher 08 babyasher 09 babyasher 10 babyasher 11 babyasher 12 babyasher 13 babyasher 14 babyasher 15 babyasher 16 babyasher 18 babyasher 20 babyasher 21 babyasher 22 babyasher 23 babyasher 24 babyasher 25 babyasher 26 babyasher 27 babyasher 28 babyasher 29 babyasher 30 babyasher 31 babyasher 32 babyasher 33 babyasher 34 babyasher 36


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