WEDDING: Josh and Jenny

Spring Lake, Michigan

Ceremony: Forest Park Covenant
Reception: Spring Lake Yacht Club

With every wedding, I leave with something special to hold onto. Sometimes it’s the words that the bride and groom share during their vows. Many times, it’s the sentimental touches that weave two generations together and, I won’t lie, sometimes it’s all about the wedding cake.

I’ll never forget Josh as he got tongue-tied during the vows or Jenny’s dress emergency. But those are tiny things. What I remember the most about their wedding was how they made this day just as special for Jenny’s 10-year-old daughter. It was a combining of three people — not just two.

Also, I didn’t know it at the time, but my dear friend Ken Stevens was out on the lake the same glorious, sunny day as Jenny and Josh’s wedding. He called me that next week and said he saw me and we talked about what an absolute perfect day it was. The very next month, Ken passed away unexpectedly. I only saw him one more time after this September day. There’s something sacred about these photos now — knowing we shared the same sunshine, shared the same space, just for a brief moment.

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