WEDDING: Barrett and Erin

Holland, Michigan

It’s kind of rare to actually to see a photograph of my own daughter and husband in a wedding blog post but that’s kudos to Barrett and Erin. Barrett is my husband’s first cousin and the two of them told me when they were considering hiring me that they wanted this to be a family affair. They had an activity table for all the kids, a candy bar and photo booth. I know it was important for them to be surrounded by everyone — little people, too. Also on that first meeting as they were trying to figure out all the details of their wedding day (which can be overwhelming and daunting) Barrett kind of stopped the conversation and said, “We know each other’s hearts and that’s what is important.”

Ceremony: Providence Church
Reception: The Silo
Makeup: Ulta
Hair: Innovations Salon
Disc Jockey: Paradise Entertainment
Bride’s gown: The House of Brides
Attendant dresses: Alfred Angelo
Attendant’s necklaces: Vintage Ooak Designs
Second photographer: Jon Mills

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