The OTHER Camera: Justin and Jackie

Grand Haven, Michigan

Over the past couple of years, I’ve assisted in shooting a handful of beautiful and unique weddings with some super-talented photographers. I know that each one of them has helped me grow in some way and I’m forever grateful.

The workload from my own weddings has kept me from getting around to editing these but my computer told me in a spinning-wheel-of-death kind of way, that I needed to make room and purge some files.  It’s funny how my to-do list is sometimes dictated by the squeakiest wheel.

Thank you, Nick Tremmel, for trusting me to shoot alongside you at Harbourfront in Grand Haven. These are a few of my favorites from the day.

ghwed 01ghwed 02ghwed 03ghwed 04ghwed 05ghwed 06ghwed 07ghwed 08ghwed 09ghwed 10ghwed 11ghwed 12ghwed 13

ghwed 14ghwed 15ghwed 16ghwed 17ghwed 18ghwed 19ghwed 20ghwed 21ghwed 22ghwed 23ghwed 24

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