Mott Family

Montague, Michigan

A toddler who is expressive and loves to read (no, REALLY loves to read) + a Boston terrier who is just as expressive and waits for crumbs dropped by the toddler who takes her eating “very seriously” + a really fun (and hip) couple = a really great family photo session.

Thank you, Motts.  You were incredible. Oh, and now that I heard you added another Boston terrier to the mix,  we should do this again sometime!

blogmott 01blogmott 02blogmott 03blogmott 04blogmott 05blogmott 06blogmott 07blogmott 08blogmott 09blogmott 10blogmott 11blogmott 12blogmott 13blogmott 14blogmott 15blogmott 16blogmott 17blogmott 18blogmott 19blogmott 20blogmott 21


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