GLANCE: Erik and Ben

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Erik was one of the very first photographers I met (other than the Muskegon Chronicle photo staff) when I moved to Michigan in 1999. I’m sure he could tell I was a green, new and timid young intern but he made sure to make me feel welcome and to let me know I was part of the photojournalism family–a family that has continued to help me with this transition from newspapers into the freelance world.  I find it serendipitous that now, all these years later, I had the honor of documenting Erik and Ben’s wedding–arguably, the best day of their lives. I have never (and I really mean NEVER) seen a wedding with so much joy, tears and excitement in my life.

Erik and Ben, thank you for trusting me and making me feel a part of something bigger back then and now.






2 responses

  1. !! SO exciting. Congrats to the lovely couple and Kendra is the best !

    September 17, 2013 at 10:57 am

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