Mondays with Mom

July 22, 2013

The 7th Monday: Being a mom can be humbling and a wee bit embarrassing.

First, we stopped at our little library in Montague and checked out a fresh stack of books.  (Embarrassing moment: Realizing someone had censored a scantily clad photo of a busty woman in one of the books by taping a little scrap of paper over the picture which made my six-year-old all the more curious what was under that little piece of orange paper.)

Next, we took a bike ride along the Hart-Montague bicycle trail.  (Humbling moment: Harper throwing a temper tantrum because her bike was “tippy” and having two well-meaning women tell me that I should carry her because she was scared. Ummmm…and how do you suggest I carry her, her bicycle AND keep up with my six-year-old?)

We explored the wetlands where the White River spills into White Lake.  We found frogs in the algae and saw mushrooms, trees and cotton candy in the clouds.   (No embarrassing moments – -whew!)

Then we stopped at a store to pick up a few things.  (Embarrassing moment:  Harper asks in her loud whisper voice “Mom, is that a boy or girl?” referring to the lady behind the checkout counter.)

Lastly, we head home for manicures and dress up.  (Humbling moment: I let the cat out of the house only to catch a glimpse of his tail which was covered with pink hairdo holders.  So, I chase after the cat to extract the bows.)

We ate fresh blueberries that we had picked two days prior. (Humbling moment: Explaining that yes, indeed, eating lots of blueberries does make your poop an interesting purplish color.)










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