A little tomfoolery, please

I would wager to say that most photographers enjoy looking at photographs.  When I was a child, I’d look through my grandmother’s extensive National Geographic collection.  As a college student, I’d make my way to the ninth floor of Western Kentucky University’s library and sit among the stacks of photography books for hours.  And now, I find great pleasure in stumbling upon vintage photos from yard sales or  junk shops.  No matter where I come across a great photo, a photo that makes me get “lost” for a few seconds, it boils down to a feeling.  One of my favorite lines by greatest professor and mentor, Dave LaBelle, ever told me was, “Don’t shoot doing photos, show me how they FEEL about WHAT they are doing.”  So, as I venture into this new world of photography business ownership, my goal is to let my clients know that I want to show how they feel.  That is timeless.  That is honest.  That is magical.


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